The Past Is In Us

2017 (ongoing)


‘The Past Is In Us’ is an ongoing project documenting my grandparents as they adapt to the new and unfamiliar territory of an aged-care facility.    

Bettina and Alistair - otherwise affectionately referred to as ‘Boo & Pa’ - have been married for over 60 years. Roughly half of this time was spent living together in a humble Queenslander, set within the suburbs of Brisbane. Alistair was a pilot & photography hobbyist, and the son of the renowned British stage and war magician, Jasper Maskelyne. Bettina, an identical twin, mother and writer, miraculously survived premature birth in the early 30’s. This resulted in her lifelong battle with cerebral palsy and near-complete deafness. Together they raised three children between Australia and Papua New Guinea, and their unlikely union has proven to be a long, complex, but enduring love.      

This series is also driven by my interest in the rapidly expanding ageing population of Australia, and the effect this is having on our community. Brisbane is one of the most popular cities in the country for retirement and aged-care, and this has resulted in large scale aged-care housing demands, and an overall industry boom surrounding the phenomenon.

I am compelled to explore and understand these transitory spaces, which serve as our senior citizens’ final sanctuary.